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  November/December 2000    Volume 1    Holiday Edition

A unique and darn fine newsletter of incredibly useful Internet joy written, edited, and prodded with small sharp sticks by Buzz Daley, with love and the occasional body shot of espresso.

"Dear Santa Claus, How have you been? Did you have a nice summer? How is your wife? I have been extra good this year, so I have a long list of presents that I want. Please note the size and color of each item, and send as many as possible. If it seems too complicated, make it easy on yourself: just send money."
-- Sally Brown's letter to Santa in A Charlie Brown Christmas

In This Issue
 Santa on Celluloid
 Go Nog Your Egg
 Hey Baby, Nice Galoshes
 Who's Up For Some Jainism?
 Who Lit My Menorah?
 Everyday Life

What Is This Thing?
FROM THE WORD GO (FTWG) isn't just annoying e-mail spam -- it's really, really good e-mail spam you can actually use, crammed like a New York subway at rush hour with choice Web guides and powerhouse tools from, all with our amazing money-back guarantee* - and all designed to give you the inside track to the Web.
(*Note: Guarantee not available in states containing vowels)

In other words, FTWG is's friendly and free and hopefully wry monthly newsletter of worthy content for you to read and click and we're hoping you won't mind because, well, we've truckloads of useful stuff on our site and we've just redesigned the whole thing and it cost us more than the GNP of a small country and we're wondering if you've seen it yet, because we know you're busy and all, what with the holidays pressing down. But if you don't find something useful in here, well, we promise to give up this whole Internet thing and take up organic gardening or something.

So here we go. Read what you like, skip what you don't, click as many of the URLs as humanly possible (twice), have fun, and absolutely tell me what you think or visit my message board -- but please, no Mickey Mouse jokes, if you know what I mean.

Here Come The Holidays
It is the holiday issue of FTWG, after all. Herein, a random sampling of the holiday goodies you can find on, full of love and gifts and parties and other exhausting seasonal bliss. Oh, and of course shopping. Ho ho ho, and stuff.

Jingle Jingle Whee: It's all here: Christmas trees and carols and downloadable clip art and crafts and decorations and greeting cards and history and humor and oh so much more. Even pointers to Christmas trivia, because who doesn't want that?

You like giving presents and you're into astrology? Goats appreciate nice shoes. Here ya go - gifts for tall and handsome and genius Capricorns -- like oh, let's say guys named Buzz (oh all right -- other signs too). You may even find a gift idea for that burgeoning Wiccan or maybe a happy Goth on your list. Don't forget the incense.

Holiday Song, Dance, Etcetera
Movies, music, parties, drink recipes, holiday travel, religions, and that's just the beginning. (Unless you're an atheist, and then it's all pretty much the same anyway. Poor thing).

Santa on Celluloid: Holiday movies - recommendations, rentals, buying info, DVDs, including that really dumb one starring Tim Allen and that other really great one from like 1983 starring the cute little kid with glasses who only wants a BB gun for Christmas. Also: The original Grinch, Rudolph, Charlie Brown, and the rest.

Download Some Bing: Lovely holiday music by crooners metabolically challenged, now available in MP3. They would be so proud and/or confused.

Mingle and Be Merry: You've friends, you've a nice pad, you've a need to laugh and bring in the cheer and break a few wine glasses. How to throw the perfect holiday party, just like Oprah or Martha would do if they weren't know-it-all multi-gazillionaires.

Go Nog Your Egg: Let's say Frederico and Lucrecia (it's my newsletter, I get to pick the names) stop by for a quick holiday visit. You're of course over 21 and you're hankerin' to offer them some spiced eggnog, maybe a hot buttered rum, Irish coffee, maybe a sex on the beach (it could happen). But you're just not sure how. You need drink recipes, and fast. Where do you turn? You got it. With all those drinks, don't forget about the long day after.

Hey baby, nice galoshes: Going to grandma's for the holidays? Getting as far away from grandma as possible for the holidays? Wondering whether to bring mittens or a nice thong bikini?'s weather guide has you covered. (Also, ski reports, highway conditions, weather maps, all sorts of sundry weather-related bliss that could suck up a good 20 minutes of your day before you'd even realize it).

Who's Up For Some Jainism? Holidays and religions you've probably never heard of, but which are a great deal of fun to learn about and then wonder if they celebrate holidays or just sit around chanting or what.

Who lit my Menorah? Because you can never have enough kosher food or Hanukkah sing-alongs.

Everyday Life on
Amazingly fun and informative content we spent months getting to work perfectly so you'd hopefully bookmark it and use it again and again and tell your friends and adore us even more than those other web sites - whose tush we just kicked - those others who just don't love you nearly as much as we do. Horoscopes: Oh my God I can't even tell you how a very good and very cute friend of Buzz swears by the horoscopes. *Loves* them like Buzz loves raw tuna on rice. Said friend reads about eight different scopes a day on various sites, just for fun, says has one of the best on the Net. ("Susan Miller kicks ass!" is the exact quote, though I'm not sure we can print that in a family newsletter. Or maybe we can. Did we?) Games: So you probably don't know the first thing about those uber-geeky online multiplayer games like "Rogue Spear" or "Heavy Gear 2" (or maybe you do, in which case we apologize for that "uber-geeky" quip). But we're guessing you probably know Backgammon, Hearts, Roulette, or Solitaire. Cribbage? Blackjack? Word Jumble? They're all here, in one of our most popular sections. And just like love, it's all free, baby.

Soundbooth - Internet Radio: All Ricky Martin all the time, I always say. Wait, no I don't. But this very cool music hangout we share with our sister site Wall Of Sound is essentially your personal e-radio station, crammed with full-time, on-demand streaming audio in all musical flavors, from classical to indie, reggae to rock, electronica to country to even (shudder) Ricky. And it's completely customizable for members (hey, that's you!). Crank it, dude:

You have opinions, we have e-operators standing by. Write to Buzz and the gang at, let us know how much you love FTWG and can't wait for the next issue. All negative comments will be taken very seriously and then immediately deleted so we don't get all depressed. Seriously though, write me with your feedback or visit my message board.

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Not responsible for the hours that may slip away as you poke around the site and get lost in the annoyingly addictive wonders of the Internet. Please remove your shoes. White wine goes well with fish. Call your mother.

All contents (c) (tm) 2000, Inc. Any similarities to anyone living or dead are purely strange. No ferrets were harmed in the creation of this newsletter, so far as you know.

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Christmas Trivia

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of pawnbrokers, sailors, vagabonds, children and students, and thieves. Go figure.

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Click and hold the "Back" button on most recent browser versions to view a short "jump to" list of sites you recently visited. Also, please keep all Web browsers away from open flame (seems obvious, but you'd be surprised), and also Kathie Lee Gifford (just trust me).

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