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For the Serious Mind


Register your own Domain name here - probably the best deal in domain name registrations.


Don't fly in the US without a copy of Rule 240 - flight delays or cancelled. Legacy Airlines Honoring 240 include:

* American Airlines
* Continental Airlines
* Delta Airlines
* Northwest Airlines
* United Airlines
* US Airways


Not valid if weather is at fault.
Not valid on some "newer" airlines.
Be polite when invoking rule 240.

A-list Blogs


Convert any media file format (Documents, Images, Audio, Video & Archives) online without buying or installing anything on your PC. Also check out these guys for converting online video to your PC


50 Best Business Blogs according to the Times Online


iPod acting up? Don't replace it like Apple wants you to - get it repaired at the iPod Medic


Have some computer add-ons that resist removal? this is a great download that allows you to remove what you want.


Creating a home-based website, check out this inexpensive web hosting company.


The Living Room Candidate - Commecials from every Presidential election campaign going back to 1952. Living history!


Keep the politicians honest. The Annenberg Political Fact Check - a nonpartisan, nonprofit, "consumer advocate" for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics.


Report spam to the Federal Trade Commission. E-mail a copy of unwanted or deceptive messages to spam@uce.gov . The FTC uses the unsolicited emails stored in this database to pursue law enforcement actions against people who send deceptive spam email.


Aljazeera - a different point of view... to say the least.


Home Price Check. Find out how much your friends paid for their home. Registration required.


U.S. Library of Congress Country Study -Includes country profiles, and sections on country geography, society, military, economy, and government.


See how important websites are - The Google Toolbar tells you the "importance" of every site you visit (in Google's eyes at least) - based on page rank . Just a word of caution - apparently the Google Toolbar monitors your internet usage.


Google News Alerts - get am email sent to you when news articles appear online that match the topics you specify.


Recycle your old wireless phone -- here's how


Get the latest and greatest downloads for your mobile phone or pda at Handango -- you'd be surprised what they have.


The Drudge Report - plain pages of news, links and the occasional scoop.


Compendium of advertising dating back to 1940's


Adforum - resources for the worldwide advertising community


A virtual library of the best sources for knowledge management and intellectual capital - an ugly website but good resource nonetheless.


Gartner Research - Top-line research for the business strategist


CNET's top 10 must-have gadgets


Great comparison shopping sites: Froogle Google, PriceSCAN, Shopping.com, and PriceGrabber


A terrific site to print digital photos on film or to make your holiday cards: Shutterfly


For product and software opinions check out Google Groups


Google Zeitgeist - Search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google


Google's Alpha site - a few of their ideas that aren't quite ready for prime time, just yet


Curious as to what's trademarked? Do a search at the trademark office.


Looking for just the right picture or graphic for your presentation, check out this PicSearch or Google's image search.


Monitor the flow of internet data around the world


Useless internet stats


For you techies, a great site for anything and everything Linux


Have broadband access, consider our firewall of choice: ZoneAlarm


Test your firewall to make sure it is giving your computer the protection it deserves, check out Sygate -- one of the most comprehensive scan sites offering six

varieties of scans.


Do a privacy scan to make sure your computer is protected while online, check out Audit My PC.


Adware/Spyware Remover - These free utilities do a terrific job.... especially PepiMK's Spybot Search & Destroy.


Find something you're passionate about. A decent listing of some of the top job boards - or of course, there is always our job board.


Sick and tired of telemarketers, log your name on your state's "do not call list"


JunkBusters - site dedicated to the reduction of junk mail in your life


Looking for a press release? Look no further


Self-Help Law Center - Bypass the second-oldest profession by doing it yourself


The Eight Planets and 1 Star - Everything you ever wanted to know about the planets


The Onion - Cheeky commentary and great headlines


The World Bank - a knowledge base of world news and country information


Before you donate to charity - do a fiscal checkup


Snagit - the best screen capture software there is!


Test your bandwidth


For the Camaro enthusiast - haven't they all retired or moved on?



The coolest screen saver, assuming you like dogs....


Great viral video clips etc at Bore Me and YouTube


A great documentary film set in San Miguel de Allende that asks the question, "Am I getting everything I want out of life?" Think: "The Secret" set in Mexico.


See the "Hillary" video that everyone is talking about; the mysterious viral attack piece.


Wayback - Browse through 55 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago. See how websites (even those that have gone away forever) looked... wayback.


Live in Canada? Find out what is hip and cool at Sweetspot


Star Trek fan films - They're just as good as the original... in many ways.


Very cool flick about surfing in the Warren Miller genre - Step Into The Liquid


Get the inside scoop on all the Cinematic Happenings Under Development at CHUD.com


If you love food, Saute Wednesday is the food world's source of all sources... links to over 80 newspaper food sections around the world


TiVo too expensive? Turn your home computer into your own personal video recorder


OddTodd is a GREAT flash cartoon about the day in the life of an unemployed dot comer


Great movie short on want really goes on inside an advertising agency? And don't miss their follow-up!


Hidden tracks (called 'easter eggs') are on your DVDs. Find them here


AdCritic has a phenomenal archive of all your favourite TV commercials. Or you can watch all those Super Bowl commercals you missed... or check out those

whacked foreign commercials


Ahhh.... Dilbert..... :)


E-mail chain letters - you can either spread them or debunk these urban myths


How about the most comprehensive hockey database online?


Need the latest chat shorthand for your Instant Messenger?


You know you're getting screwed at work, but did you know by how much? Executive compensation and severance - one word - WOW.


Hey, you're obviously not doing anything at work - might as well rent a DVD at NetFlix


Rent and view movies online at CinemaNow... MovieLink or coming soon: Intertainer


Clint Eastwood - The good, the bad, and the ugly


When you can't read everything, try books on tape - this site offers a huge selection. Or search here for online book classics


Shakespeare Bookshelf - A literal bookshelf of all the works


Boozing more your thing? Check out PubClub - a popular nightclub and bar guide. Dining more your thing: Zagats


ChefNet - online services for working chefs (or people who just wish they were)


A Photographic History of Michael Jackson's Face - a self described blithering, yet witty commentary


Search Immigration records on Ellis Island - see ship passenger lists - explore the immigrant experience


The Smoking Gun - brings you exclusive documents--cool, confidential, quirky--that can't be found elsewhere on the Web.


Get the inside scoop on ski and snowboard conditions and locations


Internet Movie Database - a comprehensive database on everything and anything you could possibly want to know.


Health and Welfare


Looking for a great family vacation, consider this cute place in Eleuthera, Bahamas


Biking your thing? Check out this first-rate bike tour company.


Spouse kicking you out? Need to separate finances quickly. This is a GREAT online bank


COBRA too expensieve? Check out eHealthinsurance



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